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http://wmg.cc/gamedaydeluxeitns Woohoo!! MO HOTTA MO BETTA and GOODBYE PEGGY SUE out now!! #gameday #happyrelease



http://wmg.cc/gamedaydeluxeitns Woohoo!! MO HOTTA MO BETTA and GOODBYE PEGGY SUE out now!! #gameday #happyrelease


#the baseballs #mo hotta mo betta #goodbye peggy sue #game day

The Baseballs @ Radio SAW, Magdeburg (4.3.2014), promoting their album, which is on its way!

#The Baseballs #Sam #Basti #Digger #Sven Budja #Sebastian Rätzel #Rüdiger Brans #Radio SAW #Magdeburg #Game Day

If someone ever calls The Baseballs a “boyband”…
…they might be right.

(source unknown)

#The Baseballs #Basti #Sam #Digger #Sebastian Rätzel #Sven Budja #Rüdiger Brans #2012
“Hey! TBB had in their webshop 6 photos you could by from their visit to LA, at some beach... Do you know if I can I find the photos online anywhere? Love the blog! <3”

Good evening! (well, in Europe!)

Thanks for the compliment!! We know we are not always up to date and posting the latest news, but I would like to redirect you to their official fanpage We <3 TBB for that ;) Here is just a place where we reblog and post some random fanart (feel free to send us a link to your fanart!!).
Still, glad you like it!! =D

Those LA pictures you are talking about are EXACTLY the pictures I mentioned in the last ask. They came in packages of 6… but they were ALWAYS different. I own a grand total of 72 of them… because I bought a lot of packages and traded them with other fans online. A lot of them look similar though… I don’t even own them all, exactly because of that. 

The picture I posted in the last ask (this one) is one of them… and some of them are to find online (even here).

This is the last ask I answer about this. No, I won’t upload them now, BUT maybe later in a smaller size and slightly edited so no one can come for me and sue me for copyright infringement. Me and other people paid money for the pictures and I hope you understand it’s unfair to upload them and give them away for free… I sincerely hope you understand this… Sorry to disappoint you.

“Hello there! Do you maybe have a link to the photos of the Strings 'n' Stripes photoshoot?”

Hm, tricky one! I can give you some pictures, if that is what you want…
There are a few ones here but only a few, a lot of them are never originally posted somewhere but I dug them up somewhere… Can’t recall where, it’s been a while.

If you mean the pictures they sold in their webshop a year or two ago, I am not going to put them online somewhere where everyone can take them, because I paid money for them ;) Maybe in a few years? =)

But hey, since it’s Christmas time, I’ll give you >this one<.

Have a great evening and a lovely Christmas! ^^

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